New opinion poll illuminates growing challenges of polarization and …

Posted By on October 19, 2022

(October 12, 2022, JNS Wire) A poll conducted by the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV) and OneMessage Public Strategies reveals that self-identified Progressives and Very Liberals carry views far removed from the rest of the electorate, particularly on the Jewish community.

In addition to domestic issues, those polled were asked their views on Israel and the current state of anti-Semitism in America. Seventy eight percent of self-identified Progressives and 81% of self-identified Very Liberals believe Jewish Americans have unfair advantages that need to be addressed. Seventeen percent of self-identified Progressives and 20% of Very Liberals believe American Jews have too much power. Additionally, 21% of self-identified Progressives and 25% of self-identified Very Liberals believe Jews benefit from privilege.

Regarding views on the Jewish State, 45% of self-identified Progressives view Israel as an occupier/colonizer, and 47% of self-identified Progressives believe Israel has too much power.

The poll indicates that most likely voters see cancel culture as a problem, are tired of extremism on both sides, and believe that free and open conversations are the first step to solutions. Most voters across the political spectrum are primarily concerned with issues such as the economy, crime, inflation, and immigration, while self-identified Progressives top three concerns are universal healthcare, climate change, and structural racism.

Progressives and Very Liberals consistently have the strongest, and most independent views in relation to Moderates and Conservatives, according to the poll. Their views have led them to make sacrifices to their immediate social circles, with 67% of Progressives and 54% of Very Liberals claiming to have effectively cancelled a friend or family member due to their political views.

On the results of the poll, JILV CEO, David Bernstein shared, This poll confirms some of the worst fears of the Jewish community that a dogmatic commitment to critical theory and a social justice lens can contribute significantly to anti-Semitism. While the majority of Americans support freedom of speech, oppose hyper-partisanship, and support traditional liberal values, the far left continues to view politics as a zero-sum game dividing the world into oppressors and oppressed, and willing to expel those they disagree with from their social circle and the results arent good for Jews.

JILV convened a series of focus groups in the summer of 2022 to hear directly from Black, Asian, and Jewish American communities about how they perceive and understand political trends and cultural conceptsand how these changing social mores affect their daily work. These focus groups informed the creation of the poll. The nationwide poll surveyed 1,600 likely voters. It was conducted from July 30-August 3, 2022 and was stratified to reflect historical turnout. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 2.5%.

The full polling results are available here.

About the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values

The Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV) aims to support liberal principles of free thought and expression, advance viewpoint diversity, counter the imposition of the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) ideology in the Jewish community, and highlight and oppose novel forms of antisemitism emerging from this ideology.

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New opinion poll illuminates growing challenges of polarization and ...

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