A Guide to Hebrew – 10 facts about the Hebrew language

Posted By on May 9, 2023

Hebrew jokes are found on a variety of subjects. There are self-deprecating jokes that will play up to Jewish stereotypes and there are political jokes that will make fun of political leaders in Israel. In addition, you will find the broad range of in-laws, wives, and region-specific jokes, with Israelis often the punch line of these.

Some jokes are also a bit silly or based on play on words:

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[Ish echad chalam balaila shehoo met. Hoo kam baboker veraa shezo ehmet.]

A man dreamt that he was dead, only to wake up in the morning to find out that it is true. In Hebrew, the masculine singular form of 'dead', [met] rhymes with 'truth', [ehmet], giving rise to this surreal play on words.

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[Ish echad shaal et nehag haotoboos im hoo yachol laalot laotoboos im kalbo. Hanehag ana sheasoor mootar ach mootar asoor.]

A man asked a bus driver whether he can board the bus with his dog. The driver replied: "Chained is allowed, unchained is prohibited." In Hebrew, 'chained' and 'prohibited' are the same word: [asoor]. The same is for 'allowed' and 'unchained': [moosar].

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[Israeli nichnas lemisaada benew York oomazmin off. Hameltsar omer "Chicken is off" veal kach oneh haisraeli shehoo yodeaa et ze.]

An Israeli tourist walks into a New York restaurant and orders a chicken dish. "The chicken is off", says the waiter. "I know", replies the tourist. The punchline to this joke is due to a play on words: in Hebrew, [off] means 'chicken'.

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[Ma amar Tarzan kesheraaa pilim ratsim bemorad hagivaa?-Hineh pilim ratsim bemorad hagivaa.Ma amar Tarzan kesheraaa pilim bemishkefei shemesh ratsim bemorad hagivaaa?-Shoom davar, hu lo hikir otam.]

What did Tarzan say when he saw elephants running down the hill?- Here are elephants running down the hill.What did he say when he saw elephants wearing sunglasses running down the hill?- Not much, he could not recognise them.

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A Guide to Hebrew - 10 facts about the Hebrew language

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