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Posted By on November 12, 2021

Diplomatic Delays:With just 9% of his ambassadorial nominees confirmed by the Senate, President Joe Bidenlags behindformer Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, who had 77% and 70% of their nominees, respectively, confirmed at this point in their presidencies, due to procedural hurdles put in place by Republican senators over unrelated foreign policy issues.

Interparty Party:GOP billionaire Ken Langoneintendsto hold a fundraiser for Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) after saying it took guts and courage to block portions of the Biden administrations agenda.

America Abroad:The Washington Posts Josh RoginreviewsBernard-Henri Levys new book,The Will to See: Dispatches from a World of Misery and Hope, whichargues for American intervention abroad to mitigate humanitarian catastrophes.

Guilty Verdict:Two top leaders of the Lev Tahor sectwere convictedof child sexual exploitation and kidnapping for their roles in the abduction and transport to Mexico of a 14-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy.

Meta Moves:Metaannouncedthat the social media behemoth will end a program that allowed advertisers to target messaging to users based on their digital profile, whichProPublicafound included ad categories for how to burn Jews and Jew hater.

Soaring Deal Valuations:Apollo Global Management Inc. Co-President Scott Kleinman said near-zero interest rates are causing valuation multiples to rise incredibly dramatically,during a discussionwithBloomberg Newss Jan-Henrik Foerster at the SuperReturn conference in Berlin on Wednesday.

Job Search:The Biden administration is reportedly looking for a position for former Virginia Gov.Terry McAuliffe, after his loss last week to Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Old Dominions gubernatorial race,Punchbowl Newsreported this morning.

High Honor:Paul Rudd, born to British-Jewish parents,was namedPeoples Sexiest Man Alive.

Bookish Investment:The New York Public Library raised $5.8 million at a galathis week, the librarys president Tony Marx told guests, making special mention of Steve and Christine Schwarzman, the galas executive co-chairs.

Never Again:In a new report, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museumfoundreasonable basis to conclude that China is committing crimes against humanity in its persecution of Uyghur Muslims.

Money Matters:Israel Englanders New York-based hedge fund, Millennium Management,will return$15 billion to investors while it separately fundraises to create a more stable asset base.

Across the Pond:A new survey from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germanyfoundthat more than half of Britons do not know how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust, while a majority believe that something like the Holocaust could occur again.

Campus Beat:British Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawistatedthat Oxford University owes its Jewish students an explanation for why it accepted donations from a fund created by the son of notorious anti-Semite Oswald Mosley.

Justice Served:The man who killed 85-year-old Holocaust survivor Mireille Knoll in France in 2018was sentencedto life in prison without parole.

Stepping Down:Isaac Benbenisti, who joined NSO Group two weeks ago as CEO,is stepping downfollowing the announcement that the U.S. Department of Commerce is adding the firm to its list of companies operating against U.S. interests.

Vaccination Nation:Israels pandemic advisory boardgreenlitthe Pfizer vaccine for children ages 5 to 11.

Viral Variant:Israelwill assesspreparedness for an outbreak of a potential COVID-19 variant by conducting the worlds first practice drill, which will take the form of war games.

Be Prepared:Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantzsaidthat Israel is working all the time to prevent a war with Iran, but is simultaneously preparing for a military confrontation.

Ticking Clock:Amos Hochstein, the American mediator in a maritime dispute between Israel and Lebanon,announcedthat March 2022 is the deadline for the two nations to hammer out an agreement resolving their conflict.

Tough Audience:Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi, who has a history of controversial comments from his time as a television host,is caughtin the middle of a diplomatic row between Beirut and Riyadh.

Remembering:Peter Zimroth, former chief legal counsel for New York City,diedat 78.

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