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Take a look outside for name inspiration, from the natural world around you with these nature-inspired baby names, such as Anise, Juniper and Fleur.

The great outdoors can be a fantastic source of inspiration for a baby name and while cute baby names top themost popular baby name lists as dothe bestunisex baby names theyve shown such popularity over the years. And now parents are finding inspiration within nature for baby names.

Baby name inspiration can spring from a variety of sources, including plants and animals, said Andrew Coplestone, founder of Play Like Mum, who recently commissioned a survey on nature-inspired baby names.

This is especially true following the pandemic that made us appreciate the value of nature. A lot of the more popular names of this list, including River, Forrest, Ocean and Cliff may feed into escapist desires to want to be united with nature. These names are a reminder to stay resilient in the present and signify a sense of hope for a better future.

If you want some natural inspiration, take a look at these great nature baby names for boys and girls.

AcaciaOrigin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: A-kay-shuhMeaning: The Acacia is a tree or bush, which grown in warm climates, and contains clusters of yellow or white flowers with thorns, hence this pretty sounding name has a prickly meaning thorny!

AmaranthOrigin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Am-uh-ranthMeaning: Amaranth is a seed, a bit like quinoa. It was revered by the Aztecs and Incas, who believed that it had supernatural powers.

AniseOrigin: French, Latin | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: A-nissMeaning: This pretty name comes from the name of the aniseed plant.

AntheaOrigin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: An-thee-ahMeaning: Antheas are pale yellow flowers that are known to attract butterflies, so its no surprise that this pretty name means flowery.

AppleOrigin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: App-elMeaning: Gwyneth Paltrow rocketed this fruity name into the popularity charts when she chose it for her daughter. A sweet nature-inspired name for the apple of your eye.

AutumnOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Aw-tumMeaning: Jennifer Love Hewitt chose this seasonal name for her daughter Autumn James. A pretty name thats perfect for any babies born in the season.

AylaOrigin: Hebrew, Turkish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: A-laMeaning: A great alternative to Ava or Isla, this nature-inspired girls name means oak tree, halo or moonlight.

AzealiaOrigin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: A-zil-liyahMeaning: A super cool name thanks to rapper Azaelia Banks, its also a flower (part of the Rhododendron family) and means flowery.

BlossomOrigin: English | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Blos-somMeaning: A cute name that means to bloom, Blossom was hugely popular in the 1920s, which gives it a great vintage feel.

BluebellOrigin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Bloo-bellMeaning: Chosen by Geri Horner for her daughter, this pretty woodland flower makes an equally pretty and distinctive name for your baby girl.

BriarOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Brye-urMeaning: Actors Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen named their daughter Briar Rose, which very much has fairytale connotations, however this sweet nature-inspired name is also becoming popular for boys. It means thorny patch.

BronteOrigin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Bron-tayA simple and sweet nature-inspired name that also has great literary connections, Bronte means the sound of the thunder.

BrookeOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: B-rookMeaning: Coming from the word brook or a tiny stream, this name saw a surge in popularity in the 1980s thanks to the rise of child star Brooke Shields.

CallaOrigin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Kal-lahMeaning: The perfect name for your beautiful new born girl, it means most beautiful. Its also the name of a flower the Calla Lilly.

CamelliaOrigin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Ka-meel-yah.Meaning: Known as the queen of the winter flower, Camellias are evergreen shrubs that produce beautiful blooms. This nature-inspired name means either helper to the priest or Kamels flower.

CassiaOrigin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Cass-ee-aMeaning: The cassia tree, produces a spice that can be a substitute for cinnamon, giving this nature name a spicy feel! Its also thought to be the feminine version of Casius, an ancient Roman name that means hollow.

ChloeOrigin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Klow-eeMeaning: A lovely spring-time name, Chlose means young green shoot. Chloe was also an important figure in Greek mythology it was the alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter.

CicelyOrigin: Irish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Siss-a-leeMeaning: A name that was popular at the turn of the century, it means blind. Sweet Cicely is also a herbaceous plant that is sometimes used for medicinal purposes.

ClodaghOrigin: Irish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Klo-dahMeaning: A name that comes from the River Clodagh in County Waterford.

CloverOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Klo-verMeaning: Clover is a sweet-smelling flower and is also a traditional symbol of comfort, luck, and wealth. It comes from an old English word that means key.

CoralOrigin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Kor-alMeaning: As well as being a form of sealife, Coral also refers to the pretty pinkish/orange colour.

CordeliaOrigin: Latin, Celtic | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Cor-de-lee-ahMeaning: Cordelia was one of King Lears daughters and has a lovely vintage feel to it. It means heart (which comes from the Latin word cor) or daughter of the sea.

DahliaOrigin: Swedish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Day-lia or Dah-liaMeaning: A vintage name showing a resurgence in popularity and its easy to see why as it means flower or valley. In the language of flowers, the Dahlia denotes elegance and dignity so a great name to bestow on your own little flower.

DaisyOrigin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Day-zeeMeaning: Originally a nickname for Margaret the French Marguerite is the word for the flower the flower daisy symbolises innocence and purity. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom recently named their daughter Daisy Dove.

DaphneOrigin: Greek | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Daf-neeMeaning: Daphne was the daughter of Peneus, the god of rivers, however this pretty name has less of watery meaning a laurel or bay tree. A vintage-name, its seen a huge rise in popularity in the last year thanks to the lead heroine in Bridgerton bearing the name.

DawnOrigin: English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: DawnMeaning: A word name that means the first appearance of light or daybreak, Dawn was first used back in the 1920s.

DooneOrigin: Scottish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: DoonMeaning: Originally a Scottish surname, this nature-inspired name means hill or mountain.

DustyOrigin: German | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Dust-eeMeaning: Dusty first became popular as a girls name thanks to 1960s singer Dusty Springfield. The name, which means brave warrior or dusted area, can be used for both girls and boys.

EdenOrigin: Hebrew | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Ee-denMeaning: A popular biblical name for both boys and girls, Eden is the garden of paradise where Adam and Eve lived and means place of pleasure.

EnyaOrigin: Irish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Enn-yahMeaning: The Anglicised spelling of the more traditionally Irish name, Eithne, it was made famous in the UK and USA by singer Enya. It means nut kernel.

ElowenOrigin: Cornish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Eh-low-enMeaning: This unique name is Cornish for elm tree; a tree which said to symbolise strength. Just prepare yourself for those teen battles

EmberOrigin: English, French | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Em-burMeaning: Yes, its what you call the smouldering remains of a fire, but it also makes a really pretty girls name. Some say its also the French derivative of Amber.

EiraOrigin: Welsh | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: I-raMeaning: A great name to give your little one if they were born in the winter months, this Welsh name means snow.

EstelleOrigin: Latin, French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Eh-stelMeaning: Once an old lady name, Estelle has become more popular in recent years thanks to the resurgence in names ending in -elle. The fact theres a UK rapper who shares the name doesnt hurt its hip credentials either! It simply means star.

FarleyOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Far-leeMeaning: A unisex name that simply means a fern clearing.

FernOrigin: Scottish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: FernMeaning: A popular name in the early 1900s, this nature-inspired name comes from the shade-loving plant. It can also be spelt Fearne as in presenter and writer, Fearne Cotton.

FiadhOrigin: Irish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Fee-aMeaning: Pronounced as Fia, this ancient Irish name means wild.

FleurOrigin: French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Fl-urMeaning: The French for flower, this pretty nature name first jumped into popularity when John Galsworthy named one of his characters it in his celebrated collection of books, which began with The Forsyte Saga.

HadleyOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Had-leeMeaning: A rare nature-inspired baby name that means heather field. It was also the name of novellist Ernest Hemingways first wife.

HazelOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Ha-zulMeaning: Chosen by celebrity parents Emily Blunt and John Krasinski for their first born, Hazel comes form the old English hsel, which means hazelnut tree.

HeatherOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Heh-thuhMeaning: A name that was huge in the 70s and 80s, this nature-inspired baby names come from the name of the evergreen shrub with pink or white flowers that thrives on peaty, barren lands.

HollisOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Hol-lisMeaning: A funkier version of Holly and also suitable for the boys Hollis means dweller at the holly trees.

HoneyOrigin: Danish, Swedish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Hun-eeMeaning: This sweet name means nectar. Presenter and writerFearne Cotton gave her daughter this sweet-sounding name.

GaiaOrigin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Guy-ahMeaning: In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth, so this beautiful nature name means earth mother. Chosen by Emma Thompson and Greg Wise for their daughter.

IlanaOrigin: Hebrew | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: I-laan-ahMeaning: This pretty nature name means oak tree and is often chosen in Israel for girls born on the holiday of TuBShevat, the New Year of the Trees.

IndiraOrigin: Sanskrit | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: In-dih-ruhMeaning: In Hindu mythology, Indira is the wife of Vishnu and was also the goddess of rain and the sky, so its no surprise that this pretty name means possessing drops of rain.

IrisOrigin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: I-rishMeaning: In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, which is a pretty meaning for a pretty name. Its also the name of a pretty purple flower that blooms in late spring/early summer so perfect for babies born around then.

IslaOrigin: Spanish, Scottish | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Eye-laMeaning: Isla is the Spanish word for island. Actress Isla Fisher has helped boost the popularity of the name in recent years.

JessamineOrigin: French, Persian | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Jess-ah-minMeaning: a truly unique name, Jessamine means jasmine flower. It can also be spelt Jessamyn.

JuniperOrigin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: June-i-perMeaning: A juniper is a small evergreen shrub, but this unisex nature name has roots that go far back to biblical times. There was a male Saint Juniper, who was a follower of St. Francis of Assisi.

LakeOrigin: British | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: L-ai-kMeaning: Originally, a surname, lake is the geographical term for an inland body of water. American actress Lake Bell has popularised it as a first name in the last few years, although it can be used for both genders.

LaurelOrigin: Latin | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Lor-ulMeaning: A Latin name that means laurel plant. Traditionally used to weave wreaths and crows, the laurel is synonymous with achievement.

LavenderOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lav-en-darMeaning: A pretty floral and colour name, perfect for any nature-loving parents. Lavender flowers are though to represent purity, silence, devotion, serenity, grace, and calmness.

LilacOrigin: English, Persian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lie-lacMeaning: The sweet perfumed purple flower makes a great name for a sweet baby girl! Lilacs symbolise spring and renewal because they are early bloomers. In Russia, holding a sprig of lilac over a newborn was thought to bring wisdom.

LulaniOrigin: Hawaiian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Lu-laniMeaning: Want something a little bit different to Sky? Then choose the this Hawaiian name that also means sky.

LumiOrigin: Finnish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Loo-meeMeaning: A cute name for snow, this wintry name is perfect for both boys and girls.

LunaOrigin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Loo-naMeaning: The name of the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna is derived straight from the Latin word for moon.

MarenOrigin: Latin | Style: Moden | Pronunciation: Mar-inMeaning: A much cooler take on Mary, this nature name means sea or star of the sea.

MarinaOrigin: Latin | Style: Moden | Pronunciation: Ma-reen-aMeaning: Derived from the Latin word marinus, Marina means from the sea. The name became hugely popular in the mid-30s thanks to the marriage of Princess Marina of Greece to Prince George, Duke of Kent.

MeadowOrigin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Med-ohMeaning: This pretty, summery name literally means a field of grass.

MimosaOrigin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Mi-moh-zuhMeaning: The mimosa is a tree with sweetly scented, bright yellow blossoms and makes an unusual girls name.

MistyOrigin: English | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Mis-teeMeaning: A cute nature name, which means mist. Misty Copeland is an American ballet dancer for the American Ballet Theatre.

MyrtleOrigin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Muh-tlMeaning: Myrtle comes from the plant name Myrtus. Popular during the Victorian era, the plant was often associated with Venus, the greek goddess of love.

OceanaOrigin: Greek | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Oh-see-anaMeaning: Oceana is the female form of Oceanus, the god of the sea in Greek mythology. It obviously means ocean and is a unique name choice for any sea-loving parents!

OliveOrigin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Ol-livMeaning: A favourite with the A-listers both Isla Fisher and Drew Barrymore chose this name Olive has positive associations with an olive branch, which symbolises peace.

OrianeOrigin: Latin, French | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: O-ri-anMeaning: A beautiful name that simply means sunrise.

PeonyOrigin: Latin | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Pee-oh-neeMeaning: The peony is a beautiful flower, which symbolise love, happiness, romance and beauty so the perfect name to bestow on your little girl. The actual name means healing or praise giving.

PetalOrigin: Latin, English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Pet-alMeaning: Cant decide on a specific floral name? Then choose this flower-related moniker, which was certainly good enough for Jamie Oliver, who named his daughter Petal Blossom Rainbow in 2009!

PetraOrigin: Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Pet-raMeaning: A sweet-sounding name with a strong, solid meaning rock Petra is a feminine variation on Peter.

PoppyOrigin: Latin, English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Pop-eeMeaning: Poppy means red flower and as the official flower of Remembrance Day, which takes place in November, its a popular choice for babies born in that month.

PoseyOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Poe-seeMeaning: One for parents who are looking for flower baby names, Posy literally means a small bunch of flowers. Can also be spelt Posy or Posie.

PlumOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: PlumMeaning. This sweet fruit name is an alternative choice to fruity names such as Apple or Peaches.

PrimroseOrigin: English | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Prim-rowzMeaning: The name of a flower that comes from Latin prima rose meaning first rose, as primroses are one of the first flowers to appear at springtime.

RevaOrigin: Hindi | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Ray-vahMeaning: Referring to one of the seven sacred rivers of India, this pretty nature name means rain. Reva is also the alternative name of Rati, the Hindu goddess of love.

RheaOrigin: Greek | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Ray-uhOrigin: A Greek goddess known as the mother of Gods, this nature name means flowing stream.

RoisinOrigin: Irish | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Ro-sheenMeaning: A popular name in Ireland since the 16th Century, this pretty Irish name means little rose.

RosemaryOrigin: Latin, English | Style: Classic | Pronunciation: Rowz-mare-eeMeaning: This herby name comes from Latin words Ros meaning dew, and Marinus meaning of the sea. The herb has become a universal symbol of remembrance.

SaffronOrigin: Persian, Arabic | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Saff-ronMeaning: Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, comes from the saffron crocus. The name has Persian and Arabic origins.

SavannahOrigin: Spanish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Sa-van-nahMeaning: Savannah means flat tropical grassland.

SelenaOrigin: Latin, Greek | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Suh-lee-nuhMeaning: The Latin version of the Greek name, Selene, means moon goddess or simply moon.

SierraOrigin: Spanish | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: See-euh-ruhMeaning: A pretty choice with a strong meaning, this Spanish name means saw or mountain range.

SylvieOrigin: French, Latin | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Sil-veeMeaning: This French variation of Sylvia, means from the forest.

SoleilOrigin: French, Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: So-layMeaning: The French word for sun, Soleil is a beautiful nature name for the light of your life.

StellaOrigin: Latin | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Stel-ahMeaning: The perfect name for your little star as it literally means star!

SunnivaOrigin: Scandinavian | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Soon-evaMeaning: Sunniva, who is the patron saint of western Norway, means sun gift. Sunny would make a bright and shiny nickname for this pretty nature name.

SuviOrigin: Finnish | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Soo-veeMeaning: A really unique nature name, Suvi is Finnish for summer so a brilliant name for a little girl born in that season.

SuzetteOrigin: Hebrew, French | Style: Vintage | Pronunciation: Soo-zettMeaning: Susan gets a French makeover oo, la, la! A retro-sounding name, it means lily flower.

TaliaOrigin: Hebrew, Aboriginal | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Tali-ahMeaning: This is a double whammy of a nature name! The Hebrew meaning is morning dew, while the Aboriginal meaning is near water.

TamarOrigin: Hebrew | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Tay-marMeaning: A name that means date palm tree, its often given to girls born on the holiday of Sukkoth, as palm branches were used to make the roof of the sukkah. Its also the name of a river the River Tamar, which forms the boundary between Devon and Cornwall.

TempestOrigin: English | Style: Modern | Pronunciation: Tem-pestMeaning: An unusual unisex name, tempest means turbulent or stormy. Its also the name of a William Shakespeare play, set on a remote island somewhere near Italy.

TerraOrigin: Latin | Style: Boho | Pronunciation: Ter-uhMeaning: Terra is the Roman earth goddess and equivalent to the Greek Gaia, which explains why this nature name means earth.

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