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Posted By on October 1, 2022

Its the time of year where so many feel alone.

This beautiful season of fall holds so much promise when we look at it. The colors, the air changes to a breathable refreshing crisp, it's as though a soothing comfort has arrived for Gods creation. So in its beauty, why also is it the time where so many (myself included for a time) struggle with depression, anxiety and loneliness.

I want to offer some encouragement today as you read this. You are not alone. You can do this. You are stronger than you think you are. How do I know? Because for years I too struggled with depression and feeling alone. I know all too well the darkness that for some hides in the beauty of fall.

I know how much strength you have to muster up just to put on a smile for someone you care about so they won't worry. How simple tasks like showering and eating can be hard to accomplish. I know how loud the chaos in your thoughts are. How sometimes the numbness can be incapacitating. You're not alone.

God doesn't want this for you and he knows your pain. Isaiah 53:1-4 speaks of the coming Messiah. Jesus Christ was a man who knew sorrows and was well-acquainted with grief. What does Isaiah mean by sorrows? The Hebrew word means: being in mental pain and anguish. What did he mean by grief? The Hebrew word means: is a sickness or disease characterized by malady, anxiety and calamity. Sound familiar?

I am bringing this up for a hope-filled reason. You see, when I was drowning in my depression and loved ones wanted to help, it didn't no matter how much they loved me. They just couldn't relate. It wasn't until I was brave enough to get help and find those who understood that there was no rational logic to what I felt or thought. When I did thats when light entered my darkness.

Its comforting knowing someone understands. Lean on God he knows what you're going through. The things that make no sense make sense to him. Trust him and his guidance. Our strength will fail but he offers us his and says, I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 Meaning you don't have to provide the strength he will for you. Deep breath, you're not alone. You can do this. Your strong cause he is strong for you.

Lydia Rasor is an assistant pastor at New Fire Ministries. The church can be found at 210 Triangle Drive, Suite A, Ponderay; or online at

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You are never alone - Bonner County Daily Bee

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