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Mothers Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than by honoring your mom or the mother-like figure(s) in your life with a gift made by a Black-owned brand? This year, purpose and sustainability are top of mind as we all strive to use our dollars more responsibly and make them stretch just a little further.

The New Voices Family is a community of purpose-driven and sustainable brands providing quality products that will enrich, delight, and excite the moms in your life!

Taupe Coat

Taupe Coat is a vegan nail care company founded in 2016 after Bethany Jennenes journey to wellness from Crohns disease, Taupe Coat creates clean, non-toxic beauty products for bold women who are living their best life or on their journey to doing so.

Gemini Naturals

Founded in 2018 by Lianne Dobson, Gemini Naturals aims to promote self-confidence and encourage self-expression by offering safe, non-toxic vegan hair color solutions that improve hair health.


Founded by Briana Williams in 2020 and fueled by a mission to celebrate beauty in all its forms and inspire fearless self-acceptance, LipLoveLine provides vegan and cruelty-free lip products.


Established in 2021 by Stefanie Jones, YVONNE Beauty is a brand new business that provides curated boxes of Black woman-owned beauty products for an audience of Black women. Stefanie Jones is building her business with the intention of showing how the Black womans dollar can circulate to create thriving businesses within the Black community.


After developing severe eczema, Jessica Jade was led to skin and hair care home remedies by the women in her familyshe was inspired. Founded in 2016, SunkissOrganics is deeply rooted in the Caribbean traditions of her family, and formulated at Black and woman-owned labs in the U.S.A. Offering simple skincare solutions, the brand empowers women of color to heal their skin.

Tsion Cafe

Promoting Ethiopian Jewish cuisine and healthy eating since 2014, Tsion Cafe (founded by Telvetz) provides the opportunity for customers to take a little bit of their Ethiopian spice home with them in their bottled sauces and spice blends.

BOLD Ass Seasoning Co.

Providing BOLD ass rubs for BOLD ass tasteBDS for the last two years (established 2020), BOLD Ass Seasoning Co.is making waves in the BBQ world, placing 3rd in the 2022 Scovie Awards Dry Rub/ low sodium category! Founded by Domonique Bouldrick, their healthy, unique flavors are essential for bringing food to life with hand-crafted rubs that are low in sodium but not in flavor!

The Pink Bakery Inc.

The Pink Bakery is a top premium allergen free baking mix company founded by Nubian Simmons using only organic, non-GMO, gluten free and Fair Trade ingredients. Everything is naturally vegan and made in a top allergen free dedicated facility. Nubian envisions a world where no one feels excluded from enjoying desserts during lifes celebratory moments due to a food allergy.

Ethnic District

Founded by Whitney Osei-Akintaju, Ethnic District is changing how African products are created, perceived and received through quality, education and accessibility on its online marketplace of African beauty and specialty food products.

Teas with Meaning

Teas with Meaning was established in 2018, while its founder Kamilah Mitchell was battling cancer. She chose to address the illness through holistic wellness leading to the creation of an authentic tea experience that promotes wellness, self care, and community. Now cancer free, Mitchell continues to create new tea products and experiences.

T. Nicole LLC

Established in 2016 by Tequila Wheeler, T. Nicoles mission is to create a brand that allows women to maintain their standards of excellence and luxury while going against the grain, going after their dreams, and going against the norms of society.


Established in 2015 by Sylvester Ndhlovu and headquartered in Minnesotas famed Mall of America the first of its kind to be there, RuvaAfricWears mission is to change the narrative of fashion by creating everyday functional clothing that celebrates African History and Heritage. It does so by providing bold and vibrant African prints in functional fitness/athleisure clothing. RuvaAfricWear is a tenacious African Black Owned brand that is bringing vibrancy, positive energy, and a unique product to both its customers and retail space.


VAVVOUNE was launched in 2016 by Valerie Blaise to conceptualize a new tier of luxury, not defined by price points, but by essence and intentionality. This quintessential made-in-New York brand embodies sustainability by using deadstock leathers (leftover from other brands productions) to create high-end luxury products.

A Better Life by Abeille Creations (ABL)

A Better Life by Abeille Creations (ABL) is a wearable art & custom design house, founded by Melissa A. Mitchell in 2019. Melissa first picked up a brush to paint fine art in 2014, but soon realized that she wanted to create art in motion. ABLs company focus shifted to creating an art collecting experience through apparel. The brand makes clothes for those that seek to live life to the fullest. Melissa believes once you decide to run towards your goals daily, you can truly live a better life.

RVL Wellness Co.

RVL Wellness Co was founded to provide Black women a luxe self-care experience through dedicated quiet time and mindfulness products. Founder, Brittny Horne, understood the pressure on Black women to be booked and busy without prioritizing their wellness. RVL is on a mission to elevate both the personal and professional well-being of Black women. The brands mindfulness products feature curated collections from Black female artists and reflect the values, dreams, and joy in life experience.

Southern Elegance Candle Co.

Founded in 2016 by DShawn Russell, Southern Elegance Candle Co. is a southern roots-inspired and developed candle company that seeks to instill the timeless nostalgia and heart-warming feelings of growing up in the south and is redefining what it truly means to be a southern company.

Mind, Body & Soul Candle

Mind, Body & Soul Candle is a family business that was founded in 1972 by Sharon Solomons father. Solomon is the current president of the company and under her guidance for the last 18 years, the company has continued to add to its legacy of bringing a therapeutic experience to customers that is steeped in tradition and natural ingredients.

Aspen Apothecary

Founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by Keta and Kaja Burke-Williams, Aspen Apothecary produces luxury, non-toxic perfumes to celebrate you as you are. According to the founders, it is a way of connecting with each other, their Jamaican roots and the power of scent that they gleaned from their upbringing. Its giving women a different way to look at self-care through scent and creating their own rituals.


MOODEAUX officially launched in 2019 by Brianna Arps with the mission to enhance the way people think about, and ultimately, practice self-care. The brand focuses on the connection between scent and emotional wellbeing. Their clean, skin-nourishing fragrances made without alcohol, dyes or water turn accessorizing ones mood into a moment of self-care.

Best Today

Best Today is a paper planning company founded by Shunta Grant that has reinvented the paper planner to teach women that planning isnt killing yourself with daily to-dos. They offer physical, digital and experiential resources to provide a holistic approach to how women plan their days. Their approach embraces the digital world that we live in while simultaneously acknowledging the proven benefits of writing out your plans and goals.


Established in 2014 by Yarminiah Rosa to make purpose feel less intimidating and more intrinsic. Purpose Rosa does that by creating space for women of color to feel seen, led and inspired in living their purpose. The company aims to build a world where women of color feel more powerfully connected to their environment, selves and purpose than ever before because purpose is integrated into their daily living.


START TV was founded in 2016 by Judith Norman with the intention of becoming an independent subscription streaming service featuring original unscripted docuseries and limited scripted series that highlight the entrepreneurial journeys of women of color. Currently offering short-form web series and books, START TVs independent streaming service will launch in late 2022.Featured product:

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22 Bold Black-Owned Brands To Support This Mothers Day - Essence

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