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Italy is a top country on many world travelers' bucket lists and one of the leading European travel destinations; with its millenary history, scenic resort towns, fascinating monuments and museums, and world-renowned cuisine, it isnt hard to see why. Beyond well-known classics like the Coliseum and the leaning tower, Italy never runs out of things to explore. Flying out to Italy from New York can be a more straightforward endeavor than expected, and with a smart traveling package, travelers can discover everything this country has to offer.

Floating above the Venetian Grand Canal is the Ca Vendramin Calergi, a stunning renaissance-style 15th-century palace with gondola access. The palace has seen many important historical residents and today hosts de Casin di Venezia, the worlds first casino in history, which opened in the 1600s. Ca Vendramin Calergi is a great choice to visit when flying from New York to Venice.

Lesser known than the neighboring Pompeii ruins, Stabiae is a stunning complex of archeological remains of an ancient port town that were buried under Vesuvius volcanic ash near the port of Naples and Sorrento. Stabiae was known during the Roman Age for being a popular resort for wealthy Roman citizens, and two well-preserved luxury villas with original frescos and a large bath complex can be visited today. Flying to Naples from New York to get close to Stabiae is sure to be a treat.

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The land that encompasses the dazzling gardens of Villa Borghese and the fascinating Galleria Borghese art museum belonged to Cardinal Scipione Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V. Cardinal Borghese was an avid art collector and patron, and the extensive Borghese Collection displayed at Galleria Borghese hold some of the most important pieces of Baroque art in the world, with works by Bernini, Caravaggio, Titian, Da Vinci, Raphael, and others. The Villa holds multiple gardens and other buildings and museums, and it's a stop worth making for travelers flying to Rome from New York.

Sforza's Castle in Milan is a sprawling medieval fortress standing amidst the buildings of Milan. Built in the 15th century by order of Francesco Sforza on the ruins of a 14th-century fortification which was itself built on the ruins of a Roman fortification. The castle is a massive structure surrounding a courtyard, and after its centuries of protecting citadels, it is now the home of many of Milan's civic museums, like the Milan Pinacoteca, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Archeological Museum of Milan, and even more. For travelers flying in from New York, visiting the Sforza Castle can be a dozen activities inside just one destination.

One of the most exceptional locations of the National Roman Museum, the Baths of Diocletian were public baths built by order emperor Maximian for emperor Diocletian from 298 AD to 306 AD. The extensive, stunning structure of the ancient baths and the many artworks and historical artifacts like plaques, mosaics, sculptures, and reliefs from centuries of Italian history. Flying from New York to stay right at the heart of Rome, the Baths of Diocletian are a less popular attraction that deserves attention.

One of the most famous and beautiful streets in Italy - and perhaps, the world - Via Vittoria Veneto, better known simply as Via Veneto, is a central spot in Rome, connecting Piazza Barberini and Porta Piciana roman gate. Immortalized in films like Fellinis La Dolce Vita and frequented by celebrities for decades, Via Veneto is dotted with luxury boutiques, diverse stores, fascinating bookstores, historical cafs, and art shops. Via Veneto is the place to go for anyone travelers looking for Romes most glamorous promenade.

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Castel Nuovo, also known as Maschio Angiono (Angevin Keep), is an imposing medieval castle rising right at the shores of Naples. The castle was built for the House of Anjou and was the seat of royal houses in Europe until the 1800s. Today the fortress houses the Municipal Museum of Naples and is open for tours of the medieval structures overlooking the shore. Its a sight to see for travelers flying into Naples from New York.

Ostia Antica is an expansive archeological site near the communes of Ostia and Fiumicino, 25 km away from Rome. Ostia is where the seaport of the ancient city of Rome used to be and where Italys biggest airport is located today. At the mouth of River Tiber, Ostia was once a thriving and important military and trade location; the Ostia Antica Archeological Site has stunningly well-preserved buildings and structures, as well as surviving mosaics and frescoes. For travelers flying from New York to the Fiumicino Airport, Ostia Antica is a perfect destination.

The Cannaregio sestiere is one of the six historical districts of Venice. Less crowded with tourists like San Marco, Cannaregio has the charm of Venetian history with a quieter outlook. Great works of renaissance and gothic architecture dot the district, in particular, the Venetian flower gothic like the Ca dOro palace and the Santa Maria di Nazareth. The Venetian Ghetto, the oldest Jewish quarter in Europe, offers an insight into a lesser-known chapter of history, and cafs and bars line the colorful streets of the district. Its a great option to stay for anyone flying to Venice from New York.

Duomo di Milano, or Milan Cathedral, is Italy's largest cathedral and one of the most intricately beautiful pieces of gothic architecture in the world. Construction for the Milan Cathedral started in 1386 and officially finished in 1965, taking six centuries to be completed. The Duomo is the official seat of the archbishop of Milan and, beyond religious activities, holds an archival library, the Duomo Museum, and the Duomo Music Chapel, the oldest cultural institution in Milan. When visiting Milan from New York, it is a wonderful trip to take to experience Italy's spirituality, art, culture, and architecture.

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