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Posted By on March 8, 2022

Another one of America's favorite salads, the Cobb, is a popular staple at Sadelle's in New York. Found between Soho and the Village, Sadelle's serves the classic salad in tremendous portions,with Yelp reviewer Perry T. calling the Cobb salad a "veritable acre of lettuce and goodies." Those goodies include bacon, chicken, egg, avocado, and tomato nestled in the massive forest of lettuce. The sheer generosity of the portions alone makes this salad easy to share. "We got a Cobb salad to split, which was huge and amazing," said reviewer Jackie W.

Sadelle's also made its claim to fame with its menu of Jewish cuisine and highly-celebrated bagels. In 2016, Grubhub even declared Sadelle's to have the best bagel in New York. Whether it's for bagels, brunch, or for dinner at anytime, Sadelle's is considered an iconic destination restaurant, according to Ryan Sutton of Eater, New York.

"This is what happens when you transplant the culinary traditions of the Lower East Side to the Soho shopping district," said Sutton. "You get, with Sadelle's, an instant New York daytime classic." When you stop by, don't skip the salad.

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The Absolute Best Salads In The US - Mashed

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