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Posted By on September 2, 2022

Gresback deserves your vote Nov. 8

I want to start by offering a sincere thank you to everyone who has stepped up to offer their services to fulfill elected positions in our state government.

One of those individuals is my friend, Tim Gresback. In the more than a decade Ive known Tim, Ive always been impressed with his orientation to finding workable solutions to whatever law case he was working on. Therefore, Im very thankful he has offered to serve District 6 in our Idaho House of Representatives. He will use those same skills to work in the legislature on the many issues they will face in the coming years. His awards and recognition from the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association and Idaho State Bar Association speak volumes about how highly respected he is.

If elected and should he take a position on an issue that I dont agree with, at least I will be confident that Tim thoroughly researched the bill and voted his conscience in support of what he believed was best for our great state. Please consider Tim when you cast your vote on Nov. 8.

Loves home deliveryof her newspaper

My husband and I lament the news that our newspaper can no longer be delivered to our home, at least temporarily. We hope its only temporary.

If you are reading this letter, you already know the benefits and importance of local journalism.

While digital news has its place, here is what is great about a paper newspaper. You can underline worthwhile passages. You can scrawl notes to your spouse in the margins. You can use it as a coaster for your coffee. You can cut out articles to send to your elderly aunt, or save in a scrapbook, or, better still, post on your fridge. You can pass it on to someone else. You can use it after youve read it to line a bird cage, hold soil as you pot a plant, start a barbecue, or keep weeds at bay in your garden.

If the sun hits it while you are reading, it doesnt glare at you. Nothing flashes or blinks at you. You can see the little box ads where people thank caregivers, and other human-level items. Best of all, you can see the entire page at one time, so you dont have to keep re-adjusting your eyes as the page reformats.

Whats good about home delivery? Well, thats just pure joy. You can step outside, barefoot, in your bathrobe, and pick it up. Nothing must boot up, whir, beep, update or reconfigure. And, if you are really lucky, you can wave to a neighbor, hear a bird chirp and maybe even smile at the paper delivery person.

Heres hoping someones schedule permits the delivery route to be reinstated.

Womens right over body not inalienable

Our University of Idaho professor emeritus, Nick Gier, stated the problem correctly in his Aug. 25 column: Many Jews are upset at the overturning of Roe vs Wade. Jewish author Walter Ruby, Gier notes, points to the event as nothing less than the Christianization of American law.

Gosh, I hope that turns out to be true. Otherwise, were left with the continued Judaification of American law. For me, as a Catholic, that America should be more Christian than Jewish is a splendid and welcome idea. I dont object in the slightest to a move in that direction.

Gier quotes Rabbi Barry Silver, who claims that Floridas new abortion law violates his freedom to practice Judaism according to his own beliefs. Yes, it does. But abortion is murder of the unborn. No Jew, Muslim or nominal Christian, for that matter, should be free to practice that abomination.

In 2021, Sheila Katz, CEO of the U.S. National Council of Jewish women, affirmed that abortion is a Jewish value. Many other Jewish leaders say similar things. But, though abortion may be a Jewish value, it is certainly not a Christian value. Behavior which many Jews sanctify, true Christians must condemn. The Jewish/Christian struggle is old, and never the twain shall meet.

Two thousand years ago, the Jews cried, Crucify him. They did. But, alas, it didnt work out very well. For Jesus had the audacity to rise from the dead; and a new triumphant religion was born.

Meanwhile, in 70 A.D., the old Mosaic religion died, but never rose again. Rome destroyed its temple, did away with the Jewish priesthood and ended animal sacrifices.

What we have today is recrudescent, rabbinical Judaism. It erroneously asserts that women have inalienable rights over their own bodies. It holds abortion as almost sacrosanct. Modern Judaism is in error. But I doubt Nick Gier will agree.

Columnists fixationon masks, mouths

Again (Daily News, Aug. 20), we are treated to another of Mr. Pezeshkis audition letters to serve in a Trump White House (courts and godforbid). Start by demeaning your target with phobic attacks, a consistent pattern. Then infuse your language with an insipid, impulsive hatred. Follow that with nicknames, constant repeating of falsehoods to make them true, hurled forth with arrogant bombast, and vacuous supporting evidence. Chucks analysis of the hospital crisis? Nope, nada! Theyre fine. Read the same week you know someone whose family member died on a helicopter flying extra hours from the Palouse to the nearest hospital taking patients and you realize how dangerous Chucks pronouncements are.

Another lesson Chuck has internalized is, know your own weakness integrity and attack your enemy of being flawed in that area. With so much venomous spew and constant demeaning characterizations, Chuck and integrity have nothing in common.

What becomes clear over his many commentaries, is Chuck has a pathological oral fixation. From his continual mentioning of mouths and the mouths of children, its the only conclusion to draw. Denied his primal need to see you and your childs mouth, he lashes out. Vilified by Trump World, Dr. Fauci makes the easiest target for Chucks bullying. Had we followed Mr. Pezeshkis strategies, like banning masks and dont bother getting vaccinated, the outcomes would have been twice as many dead and yes, only a few 100 would have been children (cold comfort for those parents). But Chuck would have been able to gaze upon mouths to fulfill his desires, saving him untold personal trauma.

We also know he wont stop. Like Trump, Chuck will only strike out more irrationally next time. And as with Trump, there will be those good people in the community to stand up against his egregious behavior.

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