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In the world today, we have over 1000 popular religions which have been in existence but many are confused about which the most popular are. This article is not only here to state what the most popular religions are but also to give some details about them.

Religion is a belief in the existence of some superhuman and worship of these superhumans called God or gods.

Some of these religions did not just come into existence without people engineering but rather people made them come into existence. The religion described as the most popular is the one with the highest followers.

Christianity which beliefs in the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth is the most popular religion in the world. However, Christianity is the most popular religion because almost 2.5 billion people practice it.

The religion declares Jesus the Messiah and the Son of God (the savior of humanity foretold in the Torah, the primary scriptural doctrine of the Jewish faith).

Some countries have 50% of Christians who practice and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ. These countries include Vatican City, Malta, American Samoa, Armenia, Samoa, East Timor, El Salvador, etc.

The religion uses the Bible which is the foundational book of the Christian religion. This Bible comprises the New Testament (which combines the teachings of Jesus and his disciples) and the Old Testament (which tells the account of Jesus and his life).

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The second on the list of the most popular religion in the world is Islam which has over 1.9 people practicing it.

Islam holds that Muhammad is Gods messenger and that Allah is the sole God. Islam believes that in approximately 600 CE, God sent the revelations that would become the Quran to Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel.

However, the people that practice Islam are called Muslims and they occupy so many nations of the world.

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On the list of the most popular religion in the world is Hinduism which originated in India. Hinduism is third on the list of the top 10 most popular religions in the world and one of the worlds oldest religions.

After Christianity and Islam come Hinduism and this religion embraces many religious ideas but worships a single deity called Brahman.

However, this religion can be dated back to 400 years back and 95% of its believers live in India.

The religion has two primary symbols which include the om which is a sacred sound found in the family shrine and Hindi temple, and Sanskirt which symbolizes good luck/ good fortune.

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One of the biggest religions in the world, Buddhism has its roots in India and dates back 2,500 years.

Buddhists hold that enlightenment can only be attained through meditation, hard work both physically and spiritually, and good conduct since they think that human life is one of suffering.

However, Buddhism is also known as Dharmavinaya and they have four major beliefs. They are the truth of pain, the truth of sufferings cause, the reality of sufferings resolution, and the truth of the way to sufferings resolution. It can be simply said that there is suffering; there is a cause for it; there is an end to it, and there is a cause that will bring about that end.

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Among the top 10 most popular religions in the World is Atheism/Agnosticism which has more than 400 million believers.

According to Mirriam-Webstar a person who rejects the existence of any gods is known as an atheist. The vast majority of Americans who identify as atheists fit this description: 81% declare that they do not believe in God, a higher power, or any other form of spiritual force.

As is usually said, atheists think that either God doesnt exist or that the possibility of God existing has a very low likelihood.

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Bahai Religion which originated from Iraq is among the top 10 most popular religions in the world. However, In the beginning, the Bahai religion developed from the Babi faith, or sect, which was established in 1844 by Mrz. Al-Mohammad of Shiraz in Iran.

The religion has about 61 million people practicing it.

Judaism which dates back to 4,000 years back is among the most popular religion in the world.

Moreover, the religion has about 14.16 million people who practice it and the followers believe in one god who reveals himself through the ancient prophets.

Incorporating the collective religious, cultural, and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people, Judaism is an Abrahamic, monotheistic, and ethnic religion.

Its origins as a formal religion date back to the Bronze Age in the Middle East.

Confucianism which laid the foundation for Chinese culture is an ancient Chinese belief system that focuses on the importance of personal ethics and morals.

Moreover, the philosophy of Confucianism has three belief systems. These belief systems include benevolence toward others, a general sense of doing what is right, and loyalty and diligence in serving ones superiors.

It is mostly concerned with the principle of good conduct

Among the worlds top 10 most popular religions are Lebanese Druze which teaches that human beings are equal.

It is a branch of Shia Islam that originated from Western Asia, but they are not referred to as Muslims.

Druze as a religion has some important rules that its believers must follow. They are not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke tobacco, or eat pork, and polygamy is prohibited.

Their holy book is known as the Book of Wisdom and cannot be easily accessible.

The tenth on the list of the top 10 most popular religions in the world is Gnosticism.

This Gnosticism religion placed a greater focus on ones own spiritual development than on the traditional doctrines, customs, and rulings of religious institutions.

Nearly all of the terminology used by this religion was taken from other religions, but it was only used to illustrate their brilliant idea.

Summary of the top 10 Most Popular Religions In The World:

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