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This traditional lullaby is sung in Ladino, a Jewish hybrid language also known as Judeo-Spanish. Performed by the Janet and Jak Esim Ensemble (Antik Bir Huzun / Judeo-Espanyol Ezgiler - Kalan Muzik, 2005). Many varieties of the lyrics are sung throughout Europe and North Africa, attesting to the widespread influence of the Sephardic Diaspora.

Durme, durme, querido hijico / Sleep, sleep beloved sondurme sin ansia y dolor / sleep with no frettingcerra tus chicos ojicos / close your tiny eyesdurme, durme con savor. / sleep, sleep restfully.Cerra tus lindos ojicos / Close your beautiful eyesdurme, durme con savor. / sleep, sleep restfully.

De la cuna salirs / Out of the criba la escola tu entrars / to enter schooly alli mi querido hijico / and there, my beloved sona meldar te ambezars. / you'll begin to read.

De la escola salirs / Out of school a las pachas te irs / to go to the pashasa y tu mi querido hijico / and you my beloved sonal empiego entrars. / to work you'll go.

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Durme, Durme (Traditional Sephardic Lullaby) - YouTube

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