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Sephardic Jewry is a culture that spans across the globe in many different areas. To every Sephardic Jew who exists, their unique Sephardic heritage prevails as one of the most important features in their everyday lives.

GoSephardic is an organization that began in 2006 by Rabbi Chaim Levythat aims to highlight the beauty of Sephardic Jewry as a whole. GoSephardics mission is to empower Sephardic communities to explore and experience its rich wisdom and traditions. In doing so, individuals can live connected lives with themselves, spouses, parents, and each other.

GoSephardics nationwide platform cultivates social networks through their exciting programs. Some of GoSephardics highlighted programs include trips abroad that give a relevant and inspiring Jewish experience to the Sephardim of today. GoSephardic is truly a global organization. Their influance is felt strongly in Los Angeles California, Brooklyn and Great Neck New York, and Montreal, Canada.

GoSephardic hopes to give their members a fresh and relevant look at what it is to be a modern religious Jew in hopes that they themselves become leaders and make an impact on their communities. Those who participate experience a fresh and relevant look at being Sephardic Jews, in hopes of sparking a flame of inspiration, bringing out leadership, and even impacting their communities.

One of the programs that Go Sephardic is best known for is its trips. They have a few different options when it comes to their well planned and joyful adventures. Go Sephardic organizes a trip to Israel for adults ranging from ages 18 to 29 years old. This trip brings Sephardim from NY and LA, both men and women of all backgrounds, together to experience Israel and all of its spiritual and physical beauty. Another trip they organize is for young adults ages 24 to 36, to exotic locations.They also organize a young adultstrip which takes place in Morocco for individuals ranging from ages 24 to 36 years old. Attendees this yearget to explore five different cities in Morocco while learning about the rich culture of the Sephardic Jews that live there to this day.

Being a single young adult can have its challenges. Namely, it is challenging to meet new friends and potential matches after leaving school.Trips such as GoSephardics creates friendships that usually expands ones real life social network, and in some cases, help find companionship that can last a lifetime. Well over125 Shidduchim to date have resulted from previous trips and interactions with GoSephardic Rabbis.

Individuals are encouraged to join their trips either on their own or with a friend. Attendees should come with an open mind to having new experiences and meeting people from outside their general network or community. Prices vary depending on which trip you choose and what city youre departing from. Tours, kosher meals, and hotel stays are included in the cost of a trip.

Camp Gesher is another trip option Go Sephardic provides as well. Each year, Go Sephardic sends a team of passionate young adults to Israel to form a summer camp and spread light, hope, and love in the lives of the underprivileged children from Neve Michael Childrens Home. By joining this trip, you are agreeing to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to make children in need happy.

The children look forward to this every year and its a truly unique experience in which the Go Sephardic participants get a chance to make a real difference. Some classes and lectures must be attended by those wishing to join. These include leadership lessons, basic Hebrew lessons, stay positive workshops, and many more.

GoSephardic Rabbis are relatable and allow you to be yourself. People from all different backgrounds come together for these various international experiences to gather Chizuk. It results in an incredible sense of unity, many describing it as a freeing experience.

We aim to light a spark of inspiration that lasts a lifetime. explained Rabbi Sabbah of GoSephardic.

GoSephardic has local classes and workshops for married couples as well. These programs include practical Shiurs about Shalom Bayit and raising children. GoSephardic hopes to impart helpful tools to young Sephardic couples through their various classes and workshops. In Los Angeles, CA, GoSephardic will be launching their yearly retreat for young couples that is open to all. It is a weekend getaway that emphasized the need to take care of themselves and also to connect and be inspired by their religion and community.

Another incredible part of the GoSephardic organization is its app calledInstaRabbi. This app is good for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim who find themselves in situations where theyre not sure what the Halachically correct thing to do is in various situations. Some may feel guilty contacting their local rabbi over small issues. Others have philosophical questions that they feel unable to ask their Rabbis in person, InstaRabbi is there to field those questions as well.

InstaRabbi takes your orthodox Jewish observance to the next level by making sure you never again have to act as your own rabbi when you dont know what to do.Simply download the app and submit a question. The waiting period isnt long before you receive a response from one of their high-quality and dedicated staff of rabbis. The rabbis of InstaRabbi are committed to enhancing halachic observance throughout the world.

To learn more about GoSephardic and to donate, get involved, and get connected, head to Gosephardic.com!


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GoSephardic: Bringing Sephardic Communities Together on a ...

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