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Posted By on June 4, 2022

Matzah pies called minas are a classic Sephardic Passover dish, traditionally served for brunch or lunch with the slow-cooked, hard-boiled eggs called huevos haminados. The truth is that a mina makes a great side or main dish for any meal, even when its not Passover. With a top and bottom crust made from sheets of matzah and the filling can be made meat, seasoned lamb, beef, chicken or vegetables, most commonly spinach and cheese, though sometimes with leeks or mashed potato added. Another option is to shred, salt and squeeze about 2 pounds of zucchini to use in place of the spinach in the recipe below. The flavors in this vegetarian mina mimic spinach and feta borekas or spanikopita, but Ive added a twist. Given the fondness for artichokes in Sephardic food (and for me personally), Ive added some to the filling for extra texture and flavor.

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Sephardic Matzah Spinach Pie Recipe | The Nosher

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