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Pablo Casado, leader of the conservative Popular Party of Spain, has participated this Friday in the fifth day of the traveling convention of his training accompanied by former Mexican president Felipe Caldern (2006-2012). The meeting takes place in full controversy after the apologies offered by Pope Francis for the excesses committed by the Church in the Conquest of America and the crossing of statements that it caused between popular politicians and the Government of the President of Mexico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador.

In this sense, Casado has refused to apologize for the Spanish Conquest, as requested by the current Mexican president. From Spain we do not have to ask for forgiveness, but give thanks for a common story which has been, in my opinion, the greatest milestone for humanity after Rome: Hispanism, on both sides of the Atlantic, he said. Thanks to Mexico for the great pride of feeling like a sister nation, he said.

Before the dozens of people who attended the meeting, called Growth against inequality, Felipe Caldern replied that he is proud of his roots: I am not indigenous, I am not Spanish, but deeply proud of my indissoluble, indigenous and spanish roots, whatever they are, including some Sephardic roots , he has assured, to emphasize below:I am also proud of my tongue, the language of Cervantes, which is mine too .

The former Mexican president has affirmed that one should not fall into the trap, because here what is sought is to provoke and divide, in order to create a smokescreen of the very serious problems that exist today.

The controversy began at the beginning of the week, when the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso, also of the Popular Party, criticized the letter written by Pope Francis in which he asked for forgiveness, as several of his predecessors had already done, for the sins committed by the Catholic Church during the Conquest of America.

However, the high point of this controversy came yesterday, when former Spanish President Jos Mara Aznar (1996-2004) backed Daz Ayuso and assured that he would not ask for forgiveness, and mockingly added a reference to Lpez Obrador: And what who tells us to ask for forgiveness? Whats your name? Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. Andrs on the part of the Aztecs, Manuel on the part of the Mayas, Lpez is a mixture of Aztecs and Mayans And Obrador, from Santander, he snapped in the sarcastic tone he usually uses.

The statements of the former Spanish president were replicated by Morena, Lpez Obradors party, considering that they are an offense against the history of Mexico and the dignity and memory of its native peoples.

We are not surprised that a war instigator denies the indigenous genocide on our continent and apologizes for Catholic evangelization, taking into account the abuses exercised by members of the Spanish crown, contradicting Pope Francis himself, reads a statement.

The tone of Felipe Caldern and Pablo Casado was not so harsh, although none made mention of the plundering process economic, social and cultural that the Spanish Conquest meant for the indigenous peoples of Mexico, 500 years ago.

The first reaffirmed that he feels proudly Mexican, but also a citizen of the world and argued that beyond dividing and antagonizing each other, we must unite in ideals and values.

For his part, the Spanish conservative leader claimed the historical bond between Mexico and Spain and spoke of the continuous flow that there has been of Spaniards to Mexico and of Mexicans to Spain during the last decades.

The common history of five centuries ago is also intense, a history that has built a bond in that Hispanicity that has astonished the world and that has brought the best to both shores of the Atlantic, where miscegenation, mutual learning, the contribution of both of them built better societies and above all that challenge of moving forward, Casado also affirmed.

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The leader of the PP of Spain, in an act with Felipe Caldern: We do not have to apologize, Hispani... - Market Research Telecast

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