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Posted By on May 13, 2020

What will it take to finally change the worldfor Good?

Three women had an idea, and Lets L.A.G. Together! was born.

Inspired by a recent endeavor, The Final Push, (LearnMoshiach.com/join), Z. Sasson of Jewish Women Influencers reached out to G. Stolik of The Joy Movement and B. Rubashkin of the Welcome Moshiach Learning Campaign, and together they decided to widen the circle of Geulah learning.

Reaching out to Litvish, Chassidish, Heimish, and Sephardic communities, they invited the women to join in an evening of Achdus, geared to Geulah. The womens resounding response? YES!!

And so, in honor of Lag BaOmer, an auspicious time for unity and respect, an unprecedented event will take place, women from communities across the globe, such as Crown Heights, Denver, Lakewood, Monsey, London, Melbourne, Johannesburg, and Sao Paulo, just to name a few, will share in an inspirational evening together of Learn, Achdus, Geulah.

The incredible lineup of speakers Miryam Swerdlov, Yemima Mizrachi, Leah Rubashkin and Chani Juravel ensures this evening will be one with lasting results.

To further build the lasting results we are preparing a follow-up Yearn-to-Learn 15-day program. Give five minutes daily to yearn for the Geulah inspired by Torah sources.

Details and access information to be announced at the event.

Join us Tuesday evening for Geulah inspired Achdus, and be a part of The Final Push!

To join:

Teleconference: 605-313-4166 pin 128067# or 701-802-5044 pin 3355393#Playback recording: 978-990-5090 pin 3355393#


Women to Join Global Lag BaOmer 'Together' - Yeshiva World News

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