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January 27 is celebrated the Memorial Day in remembrance of the terrible tragedy of the Shoah. Cinema with different titles also helped keep the memory of a drama which involved million of people . A fact represented by the seventh art in all its realism and in all its drama as a perfect aid for memory

Whoever saves a life, saves the whole world

Everyone will remember this sentence from Schindlers List from Spielberg. The cinema since the moments following theHolocaust was called to represent this terrible tragedy.Among the first to try to represent the drama of the Shoah it was Alfred Hitchcock called to mount hours and hours of images that the Soviets and the British they had shot in the Nazi concentration camps. With them he realized a documentary recently rediscovered. Let us then recall the story of a child who escaped the concentration camps told at the end of the 40s by the film Tragic odysseyDi Fred Zinnemann. We then recall the powerful documentary among the first stories about the Holocaust Night and fog from Alain Resnais which contains a strong and necessary reenactment of the tragedy.

Among the modern cinematic representations on the Shoah we obviously remember the aforementioned masterpiece by Steven Spielberg Schindlers List on the true story of a German businessman which he saved 1200 Jews from extermination. We cannot forget the touching and dramatic The pianist from Roman Polanski which tells ofodyssey by the Jewish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman.

Among the Italian films we want to remember the sentimental and touching Life is Beautiful from Roberto Benigni which was awarded an Oscar. Amen from Costa-Gavras instead it evokes the Holocaust drama from the point of view of recclesiastical responsibilities. Finally, let us recall the dramatic The Son of Saul from Lszl Nemes which tells the story of a Jew who will do anything to save ithe corpse of the son killed by the Nazis and guarantee him a well-deserved rest.

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Shoah, cinema and the representation of the Holocaust -

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