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Jews have lived in Iran since the Babylonian exile, approximately 2,700 years ago. A result of the harsh rhetoric between Israel, the Jewish homeland, and Iranespecially since 1979has been the masking of the fact that the largest Jewish community in the Middle East, outside of Israel, is the Iranian Jewish community. These Jews, unlike Soviet

When considering the literature that Jews of the Middle East and North Africa wrote in the first half of the twentieth century, one tends to think either of Iraqi Jewish authors, such as Anwar Shaul, or Sephardic writers from British Mandate Palestine, like Yiaq Shami and Yehuda Burla. In the case of Jewish writers of

The advent of Islam in the seventh century brought profound changes to the Middle East and to the Jews living there. The unification through Islamic conquest of the formerly warring great empires of Christian Byzantium and Zoroastrian Persia opened up vast territories for long-distance exchange of goods within a single realm. For Jews, the predominantly

In the works of Moroccan Jewish writers, authors, philosophers, and filmmakers, aspects are presented that illustrate a sense of double- or pluri-belonging, both to an abandoned homeland and to a new country of immigration; be it Israel, the mythical dreamt-of homeland; or, be it a foreign adopted country, devoid of any mythical connotations. Jews, originating

Luqmat. Bumuelos. Sfenj. Awwam. Lokma. Zvingous. So many names for one deep-fried dough ball. How did these little-yeasted fritterswhatever you want to call themspread all across the Mediterranean? And how did they become the preeminent anukka treat of the Sephardi world, from Morocco to Turkey? According to culinary historian Gil Marks in his Encyclopedia of

For many Jews across the world, a central element of anukka is the kindling of fire throughout the eight nights of the holiday. While many of usSephardic and Ashkenazic alikeare familiar with the method of lighting taught by Hillel, one Sephardic community explicitly deviates from this widespread custom. For Spanish Jews who arrived in Aleppo

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