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What this site is about:Given the difficulty that I personally had in accessing information in the Spanish archives as I was tracing my own lineage back to Pre Inquisition Spain, I decided to compile all the available archival information and established this site to help those wanting to research their own Ancestry through the Archives in Spain.

You will be able to find the main archives in the country and a synopsis of their content. You will find the Church archives as well as the Diocese that each Archdiocese covers and University Libraries. In essence, most of the reference material that is available in Spain is listed on this website. Click here to find resources for your own research.

With the phone numbers, email addresses and website addresses listed, it will be easy to contact the specific archive and request more information.

It is important to understand that the pace in Spain is different from other countries and many archives close for holiday weeks and summer months. Summer hours should also be taken into consideration. Your research trip will be much more successful if a lot of the legwork is done beforehand. Good Luck with your research! - Genie Milgrom

Genie Milgrom has written several books regarding her personal journey in search of her Crypto-Judaic roots that you might find interesting and informative.

My 15 GrandmothersThis Book Covers my personal Journey in English.

Mis 15 AbeulasEste libro cubre mi trayectoria personal y esta en Espaol.

How I found my 15 Grandmothers. Como encontre a mis 15 Abuelas.

In English and Spanish, this book documents step by step how I did the work that eventuallyLed to the finding of my family history.

Este libro documenta paso por paso el trabajo que hice para encontrar mis ancestros Judios.

Recipes of My 15 Grandmothers

Recipes of my 15 Grandmothers showcases recipes that had been passed down to the family for centuries including many Crypto Jewish recipes. Spanning the globe, this book has recipes and history from Spain, Canary Islands, Costa Rica, Colombia and Cuba where the grandmothers lived.

Recetas de mis 15 abuelas exhibe recetas que se haban transmitido a la familia durante siglos, incluidas muchas recetas cripto judas. En todo el mundo, este libro tiene recetas e historia de Espaa, Islas Canarias, Costa Rica, Colombia y Cuba, donde vivan las abuelas.

Books are available through Click here.

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Sephardic Ancestry A Resource Website for Researching ...

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