The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company to Present ‘The Shoah Songbook Part Three: Poland’ – OperaWire

Posted By on April 18, 2022

As part of the Shoah Songbook series, the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company and the Likht Ensemble will present the third work that focuses on the music of Polish composers and music from Polish ghettos.

On April 27 (Holocaust Remembrance Day) the Lihkt Ensembles recorded concert will be made available showcasing a variety of Polish music including classical art song, Yiddish folk music, and dances for violin and piano.

They will premiere the first recordings of Szymon Laks Three Warsaw Polonaises, Ben-Horins original arrangements of Yiddish and Polish folk songs by Miriam Harel and other composers from the Polish ghettos. Listeners will also have the opportunity to hear the ensembles take on Mordechai Gebirtigs Es brent (It Burns).

The Likht Ensemble features soprano Jaclyn Grossman, pianist and composer Nate Ben-Horin, and Jewish/Canadian violinist Aaron Schwebel.

Grossman gave a statement saying As we witness a rise in global anti-Semitism and see war raging in Europe, the relevance of this repertoire in the modern landscape cannot be underestimated. As an artist, I feel called to action. This music gives voice to the victims of war. The composers of these works felt an urgency to put out the fires around them and to avoid the inevitable destruction that accompanies hate and prejudice. This message is as relevant in our time, as it was in theirs.

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The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company to Present 'The Shoah Songbook Part Three: Poland' - OperaWire

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