Canadian Memebers of Lev Tahor Hasidic Sect Live in Guatemala Shack

Posted By on May 13, 2014

Two Dozen Adherents Move to Rural Village

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Stranger and Stranger: Women in the Lev Tahor sectwear a burqa like uniform that has led some to call the group the Jewish Taliban.

Published May 12, 2014.

More members of the controversial haredi Orthodox sect Lev Tahor appear to have left Canada and are living in a shack in Guatemala.

Eight sect members two adults and six children fled Ontario to Guatemala in March ahead of a court hearing to determine whether the children should be placed in foster care. They appear to have been joined in the Central American country by at least 25 other Lev Tahor adherents, according to the Montreal Gazette.

A relative of the children told the newspaper that he recently travelled from Israel to see the family in the village of San Juan de Laguna, about two hours east of Guatemala City. He said he counted about 30 adults living in a two- or three-room shack.

The man referred to as K because a youth court has ordered the identities of the children to be protected spent the month of April in Guatemala tracking down his sister. He made several visits to the shack where the adults were living before he was finally permitted to speak with her.

Armed with a metal bar for protection, I told her that if she did not come out, I would break in. So she finally agreed to come outside and talk with me, the man told The Gazette through a Hebrew interpreter.

Through members of the local Jewish community in the village, K found out that the children were sleeping on the dirt floor of the shack, and that there is no plumbing. He said they receive barrels of fresh water once a week.

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Canadian Memebers of Lev Tahor Hasidic Sect Live in Guatemala Shack

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