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Carmelo Anthony and a Hasidic Jew walk into an elevator. This is not a joke. We are in the lobby of the Jack Resnick & Sons-owned offices at 199 Water St. in Manhattans Financial District, and this elevator is going up.

Minutes later, on the 19th floor, Anthony is standing at the spot foreign exchange desk of BGC Partners, a voice and electronic brokerage, holding a landline to his ear, conducting financial transactions.

Ninety-two bid, 10 euros, the six-time All-Star says into the phone. Were working on it.

Looking Wall Street-sharp in a tailored suit and slim tie, Anthony is surrounded by a small flock of licensed brokers. Its like some sort of bizarro fantasy camp, in which the NBA player gets to live out his dream of becoming a foreign currency trader. Except its not.

Along with a red carpets worth of other celebs, Anthony is in the FiDi this morning to participate in the ninth annual Charity Day, a high-profile event hosted by BGC and its former parent company, Cantor Fitzgerald, in commemoration of 9/11. One shouldnt be surprised to find the Knicks star forward on the charity circuit Anthony lands frequent headlines for his foundations philanthropic efforts yet there is a semi-circus atmosphere at BGC, as brokers reveal themselves as dressed-up fanboys around the NBAs scoring champ in 2012-13 and the No. 2 scorer this season, who is still waiting to seal this damn deal.

When confirmation finally comes, the FX desk erupts with high fives and backslaps. Someone shouts, Melos chucking paper! From the other end of the phone line, a voice says, Melo, thanks, brother. Appreciate the price. But Anthony has already dropped the receiver, now mugging for iPhone photos with one broker-fan after the next, while others try to woo him to their workstations.

Carmelo Anthony | Photo: Haute Time Magazine

Melo! Melo!

Over here!


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