Construction Worker Kendal Felix Charged in Menachem Stark Murder

Posted By on May 2, 2014

Hasidic Businessman's Body Found in Dumpster in January


Published April 30, 2014.

A construction worker has reportedly confessed to the January murder of Brooklyn Hasidic businessman Menachem Stark, which he has told investigators was a botched robbery.

Kendal Felix, 26, who worked for a contractor who worked with Stark, intended to rob the landlord when he and two buddies snatched him off the street outside his office on a snowy night in the Williamsburg section, the Daily News reported.

They werent thinking about killing him. It looks like a straight up robbery, a source told the News.

Felix, who lives in Crown Heights, was charged with murder. He has admitted to his role in the crime and implicated the other two, sources told the New York Post.

Felix apparently heard that Stark often carried large amounts of cash. He didnt know that the Hasidic landlord was up to his ears in debts, which investigators initially believed to offer a motive in the puzzling case.

Police cracked the case after linking all three suspects to a van used to kidnap Stark.

The pace of the investigation has accelerated over the last 24 hours and hopefully will continue to accelerate over the next 24 hours to its conclusion, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said during a brief appearance with Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, who nodded in agreement. Its accelerating and its moving in a very quick direction.

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Construction Worker Kendal Felix Charged in Menachem Stark Murder

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