Hasidic Jew History- The Lifestyle And History of Hassidism

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History of Hasidism

The Hasidic Jews beliefs and practices date back to the Eighteenth century. Hasidism - the Hasidic Judaism movement was founded by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov. There are many mystical stories surrounding his great personality. Hassidic Jews tell over a very interesting story on the birth of the founder of Hasidism Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov. His father Rabbi Eliezer was a very pious Orthodox Jew, who together with his wife Sara was childless till close to age 100.

R' Eliezer and his wife always did the great deed of taking in guest, as called by Orthodox Jews - Hachnasat Orchim. There was great admiration in heaven for the great deeds of R' Eliezer and his wife Sara. The court of heaven decided that they must be rewarded.

Hasidic Jews relate the story further. The Satan argued that he wants to test R' Eliezer if he will take in as a guest even poor and dirty person. The court of heaven agreed. The Satan dressed up as a poor person dressed in rags and dirty from head to toe. He had a terrible body odor and knocked on the door of R' Eliezer and asked if he can stay there. R' Eliezer and Sara agreed. He asked for food, and behaved in a very immoral fashion. He asked for more and more food and later requested to sleep in R' Eliezers bed. All his needs were fulfilled.

As soon as the Satan returned to heaven, the heavenly court decided that he must be rewarded. Hasidic legend goes that it was decided in heaven that Sara give birth to a son with a holy soul, a soul that merits to come on earth only once in a thousand years.

Little Srulik was born, and his parents died when he was at very young age. Srulik devoted his childhood years for deep learning of Torah. Hasidism history started then at his very young age. Hasidic Jews accept many stories about his holiness in his very young age. His devotion to Hashem (God), his love for every fellow Jew and his happiness to every Mitzvah (commandment) of Hashem (God), were seen at his very young age.

As Rabbi Yisroel grew older he looked around on his fellow Orthodox Jews. He looked around and saw many of them very broken hearted and upset with their Judaism. He started to go around to towns and villages where Orthodox Jews lived, and taught Hasidic Jews Beliefs. He explained the love of Hashem (God) to every single Jew, the importance of love to every fellow Jew, and the vision of doing every commandment of Hashem with great love.

R' Yisroel, or as Hasidic Jews call him the Baal Shem Tov (the man with the Great Name) starting gathering around him many followers. This is when the Hasidic Judaism movement started. It was at the beginning of the eighteenth century that he started gaining followers in the thousands.

Many many stories are retols by Hassidic Jews on the divine power of R' Yisroel. His blessing worked wonders. Childless parents were blessed with children, the sick were healed and the lost were found through his blessings. Even gentiles came to him for his blessing. He would be able to say what's happening on the end of the world, and tell in advance on upcoming events. His followers and Hassidim today believe in him as heavenly divine sage.

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Hasidic Jew History- The Lifestyle And History of Hassidism

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