Matisyahu Brings Always Positive Message to Headliners Tonight

Posted By on September 29, 2014

From a time when the first Hasidic Jew rapper/reggae master came into the music scene in traditional Hasidic garb, long beard, broad brimmed hat over a yarmulke singing of general positivity and occasionally praising his Jewish faith, some things have changed a bit. He's changed up his attire, shaved his beard at a time when beards are fashionably rocked by all you masculine chaps, but his music remains a shining light in a time when the world seems to be heading into darkness.

Now the last thing I want to do here is make this into a political piece, but for me Matisyahu's music has always brimmed with peace, love and fun jams that are often awe inspiring. The first time I heard 'One Day', I really thought it was the coolest song that always could inspire a smile and shed light on any level of darkness anyone had going in their lives. I shared it with multiple friends who always thought the same. A favorite version is as follows so no matter what your political thoughts are I hope it brings you a smile on this lovely Monday morning.

His latest release 'Akeda' stays true to form and really excited to see what he brings to the show tonight. One thing you can be sure of is a perma-grinduring, and after, the show as it's going to be pure fun gang.

Tickets are still available and Radical Something and Cisco Adler are super fun stuff as well and I highly recommend coming out and shaking your case of the Mondays! As the thousands of you know, I have yet to lead you to a bad show, so hope to see some fun faces tonight as the perfect way to start your week on a positive note.


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Matisyahu Brings Always Positive Message to Headliners Tonight

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