Widow finds new life in Fading Gigolo

Posted By on April 28, 2014

NEW YORK A Hasidic widow with six children who becomes involved with a male escort doesnt sound like the most relatable character, but actress Vanessa Paradis found universal themes in her role as Avigal in Fading Gigolo.

She comes from the Hasidic Orthodox community, where women have not much relationship or communication with the outside world.

So she, for the first time, gets listened to, looked at, asked her opinion, has a conversation. This woman suddenly gets a little life into her and she starts to radiate. Its a beautiful thing to watch, she said in a one-on-one interview at the Crosby Street Hotel.

But you can relate. How many people have forgotten about themselves taking care of others? How many worry their own happiness is too selfish so they dont allow themselves to have a little joy in life, whatever it is?

But Paradis, who has two children from her 14-year relationship with ex Johnny Depp, pointed out I dont have a life like my character.

Director-writer John Turturro also plays the gigolo Fioravante in this offbeat comedy, and Woody Allen portrays his pimp Murray.

Avigal, Paradis said, has completely faded away. Murray can sense that and wants to bring a little happiness in this womans life. This is how he brings her to Fioravante.

Paradis, 41, noted how unusually sweet this scenario is.

Yes, theres a gigolo business going on and theres sex in the movie but its a feel-good movie because all the women are treated like queens, she said of herself and co-stars Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone.

Fading Gigolo opens Friday.

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Widow finds new life in Fading Gigolo

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