Hasidic Jew Who Claimed To Be "Knockout Game" Victim Simply Fell Down

Posted By on April 1, 2014


by D.L. Chandler (@dlchandler123) March 27, 2014, 15:35pm

A Hasidic Jew visiting from London claiming he was attacked by unknown assailants in Brooklyn set off a hate crime investigation by the NYPD. Now, the gentleman has rescinded his claims and said the he simply fell down and was not a knockout game victim.

The 65-year-old man was in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn Tuesday when he told NYPD officials he was attacked from behind around 2:30 a.m. As expected, the police launched an investigation and marked the incident as a hate crime.

This morning, as reported by Gothamist, the man changed his story and said that he fell and injured himself instead of being attacked by a pack of brutes. City Council Member David Greenfield didn't help matters by egging on the story without all the facts, saying that the brutal attack was part of a growing knockout game trend in Brooklyn.

The gentleman has since returned to London, and police have not revealed any further details in the case.


Photo: C. Macsurak/Wikipedia Commons

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Hasidic Jew Who Claimed To Be "Knockout Game" Victim Simply Fell Down

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