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Posted By on May 8, 2020

CROWN HEIGHTS, BROOKLYN Crown Heights is a hot spot of social distancing violations or at least sits in a swath of Brooklyn where cops have cracked down more than nearly any other place in the city.

Newly-released NYPD data shows cops in the 77th Precinct covering north Crown Heights issued 22 social distancing summons that's the fourth-most of any police precinct.

It also neighbors the top three police precincts for social distancing tickets. They sit in a mostly-unbroken stretch of Brooklyn from Williamsburg to Canarsie, which led the city with 66 summonses.

Those four Brooklyn precincts the 69th, 90th, 73rd and 77th accounted for 155 summonses, according to the data. That's 41 percent of all summons issued citywide for social distancing.

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Social distancing enforcement has become a hot-button issue after videos circulated of violent NYPD arrests of people of color in Brooklyn. Police only arrested one white person out of 40-such arrests in Brooklyn.

Crown Heights is not only home to significant communities of color, but also another community who have received attention for social distancing Hasidic Jews.

Mayor Bill de Blasio drew intense criticism last week when he appeared to single out what he called the "Jewish community" after large Hasidic funeral in Williamsburg. Police soon after cracked down on a Hasidic Jewish funeral in Borough Park.

Many in the Hasidic Jewish community have said such large gatherings, while highly visible, don't represent the majority of people who follow social distancing guidelines.

Regardless, the issue of unequal enforcement of social distancing was given stark visual contrast over last weekend. Nice weather brought out largely-white crowds to city parks, where police officers handed out masks. Meanwhile, videos showed people in color in Brooklyn being arrested and threatened with arrest for not social distancing.

Brooklyn accounted for 206 out of 374 social distancing summons, NYPD data shows. Just 42 of those summonses in Brooklyn went to white people.

People of color citywide accounted for 80 percent of all social distancing summonses.

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Crown Heights Nears Top Of Social Distancing Summonses: Data - Prospect Heights, NY Patch

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