Hanukkah Stabbing Suspect May Be Connected To November Attack On Hasidic Man – WCBS 880

Posted By on January 6, 2020

MONSEY, N.Y. (WCBS 880) Police say the suspect in the Hanukkah stabbing attack at a rabbis home in Monsey had previously been questioned by officers in connection with another stabbing of an Orthodox Jewish man.

Grafton Thomas, 37, was accused in November by Rampo Police after officers followed a lead back to him, following the stabbing of a Hasidic man.

A grainy video of a vehicle in the area lead them to Thomas mother in Greenwood Lake. Police Chief Brad Weidell said they spoke to her and Thomas, but couldnt find evidence to link him to the crime.

We didn't know anything at that time and we had no evidence and we had no probable cause to do anything other than follow a lead, which we did and it didn't go away, he explained.

The stabbing reportedly happened on Nov. 20 as the man walked into a synagogue in Monsey.

Thomas was charged with five counts of attempted murder, one count of burglary and five counts of federal hate crimes for the attack on the seventh night of Hanukkah. Investigators are still trying to connect him to the November attack.

His attorney spoke to reporters Thursday saying Thomas has dealt with mental illness from a young age and to classify him as anti-Semitic is ignorant. He has requested that Thomas undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

On Friday, a grand jury in Rockland County continued to move forward with the case andindicted Thomas onsix counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault, three counts of attempted assault and two counts of burglary.

The 37-year-old may face the death penalty if one of his victims, Josef Neumann who remains in dire condition in a coma dies from his injures.

Meanwhile, the Town of Rampo is looking to enhance security measures with more license plate readers, cameras, lighting and an Israeli security system called Gabriel which would allow houses of worship and schools to send a live video feed to first responders.

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Hanukkah Stabbing Suspect May Be Connected To November Attack On Hasidic Man - WCBS 880

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