Hasidic School which reopened violating government norms closed down in Brooklyn – Andover Leader

Posted By on May 21, 2020

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The world is hit hard by the corona pandemic and no industry has been left spared. It has caused great overall distress on the economy as a whole. Most of the affluent nations of theworld are suffering the pandemic too including the US, UK, Italy, Spain among the others. The nations are locked down and most of the economic activities have ceased. Although, as thePandemic is slowing down, most of the nations are eyeing reopening their country on a strategic basis.

Now an incident in Brooklyn has raised public eyebrows. A bus with dozens of children arrived at the Hasidic school in Brooklyn on early Monday. The citizens of the area were surprised bythe incident. Some children were wearing masks too. All flew in the building and crowded the classrooms. Some children were spotted playing on the rooftop during the recess. Event hasoccurred when Brooklyn is under lockdown since mid-March.Soon the police came and ended the school day abruptly. The police came on the call of a neighbor who spotted children playing on the rooftop.

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Police sent all the children their homes. This event was the latest episode of tension between Hasidic Jews and authorities. Tension has been igniting between them since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The latest data also reveals that the death rate among Hasidic Jews has been more than many other communities.

Although this is not without reason. Hasidic Jews have been found violating the government norms quite often. They have gathered in activities such as funerals, weddings, or religiouseducation. Friction between them also broke out last month when more than 2,500 people crowded the streets of Williamsburg. It even drew sharp criticism from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

One parent in the Brooklyns Borough Park neighborhood said that Parents who try to keep their children home are faced by the dilemma of letting their child be the only one whos notjoining the class, which is obviously extremely hard and can have a serious social effect for years to come,

This school episode will add fuel to the fire. This may even result in more such events turning out. Ultimately, these events will pose a danger to public health. The government needs to takemeasures so that such events dont happen again. Till then, stay tuned with us for more such latest news.

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Hasidic School which reopened violating government norms closed down in Brooklyn - Andover Leader

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