Hasidic Women Rules Toldos Aharon Takanot For Women …

Posted By on February 14, 2018

Ive gottena few messages from readers wanting to learn more about women in Hasidic life and Hasidic women rules. So I decided to write a post about the takanot or decrees in theToldos Aharon sect that relate to women. All of the takanot in this postcan be found in the sefer Takanot Vehadrachot. This is the front cover of the sefer:

Before I get into specific takanot, its important to understand that in Hasidic life in general, there is a lot of emphasis on Hasidic women being ultra-modestand playing the primary role in raising the children.

However, the Hasidic women in the Toldos Aharon sect are particularly strict in regards to modesty. They generallyonly wear dark colors (so as not to attract attention), long stockings, skirts down to their ankles, and shave their heads when they get married. Unlike most other Hasidic sects, Toldos Aharon Hasidic women will not cover their headswith a wig when married, but instead wear shmattes (cloth/scarves) on their heads.

Now, lets get to the takanot:

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Hasidic Women Rules Toldos Aharon Takanot For Women ...

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