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Hasidism This site offers a lot of information concerning Hasidism. Everything from why and how Hasidism was formed. This site also includes a biography of Ba'al Shem Tov and followers. http://

Hasidic Teachings Complete listing of teachings taught to Hasidim. A list of over 63 topics conscerning Hasidc life and worship is on this site. This is an excellent source!

FAQ on Hasidism A list of frequently asked questions concerning Hasidism and the Hasidic lifestyle.

Stories of Ba'al Shem Tov This is a site quoting Hasidism directly from Ba'al Shem Tov. This site can help in understanding Ba'al Shem Tov's teaching for Hasidism.

A Life Apart: Hasidism in America This is by far the best site on Hasidism. It contains a lot of information on the history of Hasidism along with the lifestyle, and contemporary issues concerning the Hasidim.

Web Resources for Hasidism This is a college professor's page with a lot of links.

A Guide to Chabad Literature A lot of links on Chabad Hasidism. This site includes an art gallery, movies, clip excerpts, and literature on Chabad Hasidism.

A Page from the Babylonian Talmud A standard printed Talmud page.

The Jewish Yellow Web The Jewish Yellow Page allows you to look up all the Jewish pages on the World Wide Web. Pages are derived from the United States, Israel, and Europe.

New World Hasidism Popular links on this site inlude Jewish organizations, Jewish publications, Jewish youth and student organizations, and even a listing of Jewish singles! Features include a newsletter, survey, and information on hot topics around the world concerning Judaism.

A Lengthy List of Jewish Links This site has hundreds of links. The index includes topics such as Jewish literature, philosophy, and psychology. Geneology and Jewish publications is also included along with a Jewish search tool on the site as well.

Short Biography on Martin Buber Martin Buber was a philosopher, storyteller, and scholar of Hasidism.

The Jewish Student On-line Research Center Short explanation of Hasidism and how it came about.

The Seeker's Guide: Judaism Informative site on Lubavitch Hasidism. Includes information on worship, scriptures, and practices and behavioral standards. Very extensive site with addresses to the main Lubavitch organization in New York.

Selected Bibliography on Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism Very good listing of books pertaining to Hasidism, Kabbalah, and Contemporary Mysticism.

Glossary of Jewish Terms Very to-the-point glossary of Hasidic terminology.

Breslov on the Internet An extensive site on the message of the Breslov Chassidus movement, founded by Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Kabbalah FAQ Provides a brief introduction to the Kabbalah by answering questions to help understand what the Kabbalah is all about and how it was created. The site also gives links to additional information.

Judaism An extensive dateline of Judaism. A good site for historical references.

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Religious Movements Homepage: Hasidism

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