Respect doesnt always mean inclusion (letter to the editor) –

Posted By on March 27, 2022

It seems that many people feel that the Staten Island St. Patricks Day Parade organizers are not with it or old fashioned for not including the LGBTQ community to be recognized in the parade.

I look at the Jewish community and I see that there are Hasidic, Orthodox and Reformed Jews. I am not Jewish, but having worked with people who said that they were reformed Jews, it means that they do not get involved in going to temple every week, along with getting involved only with the major Jewish holidays such as Passover, Yom Kippur and, of course, Hanukkah.

The Catholic religion does not have different classifications. Same-sex relations are against the beliefs of the Catholic church.

Catholics are taught to respect other peoples lifestyles, but at the same time not to enable and promote lifestyles that are contrary to the beliefs of the Catholic church.

Yes, other communities have now permitted LGBTQ organizations to be in their parades.

The question for the Staten Island parade organizers is: Do you go with the flow or do you keep your beliefs and religion in tow?

The question I have for the LGBTQ community: Are you asking to be in the parade to honor St. Patrick or to advance your presence in the community?

To me, this is not discrimination, but merely two different lifestyles that have to be respected. Respect does not always mean inclusion.

(John McHugh is a Pleasant Plains resident.)

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Respect doesnt always mean inclusion (letter to the editor) -

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