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Posted By on May 12, 2020

Smart thermometers could be the secret to reopening schools

When used in cooperation with a school nurse, smart thermometers can be a way to track viral outbreaks in real time, potentially keeping sick kids home and preventing them from spreading infection. This story from Fast Company explains how it works.

Why has it been so hard to find flour on grocery story shelves during the pandemic? The Atlantic explores why Americans are heading back into the kitchen -- and why we left in the first place.

In this op-ed for Fortune, LeanIn.org co-founders Sheryl Sandberg and Rachel Thomas say women with full-time jobs and families are burning out during the pandemic. They write: "Leaders and managers should move any deadline that can be moved, take a second look at targets set before the pandemic, rethink the timing of performance reviews, and remove low-priority items from the to-do list."

New York's Hasidic Jewish community has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19. Now they are among the largest group of survivors donating their plasma. The New York Times tells the story.

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What others are writing about COVID-19 - Chicago Daily Herald

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