When One of America’s Leading Non-Hasidic Rabbis Praised the Lubavitcher Rebbe Mosaic – Mosaic

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In 1942, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchikwho a year before had succeeded his father as one of the chief Talmud instructors at Yeshiva Universitydelivered a speech at a large communal dinner celebrating the educational institutions of the Lubavitch asidim. The speech, delivered in Yiddish to an audience made up primarily of Lubavitchers, was an encomium to their leader, Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneersohn. Besides their first name, the two sages shared much else: both were born in the Russian empire (in what is now Belarus) to distinguished rabbinic dynasties, both became revered figures in American Orthodoxy, and both spent much of their lives trying to root the religious traditions they had inherited on new soilaiming to adapt to modernity without sacrificing the integrity of Judaism as they understood it. At the same time, they represented opposite poles: Soloveitchik was an exemplar of study-focused, cerebral, non-asidic Lithuanian Judaism, while Schneersohn led one of the worlds largest asidic movements.

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When One of America's Leading Non-Hasidic Rabbis Praised the Lubavitcher Rebbe Mosaic - Mosaic

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